The Stukeley Collection

The Society holds a collection of 44 William Stukeley drawings and documents that had apparently "disappeared". They had been purchased at auction for his private collection by Ashley Maples, Secretary and then President of the SGS, and came to the Society on his death. With a grant from the Heritage Lottery Funds, these documents have been conserved and mounted. Valuable research work has been undertaken by Mr. John F.H. Smith.

A condition of the HLF grant was that active steps be taken to share the drawings. To this end, Mr. Smith will be giving a lecture in the SGS series of public lectures on 7th October 2016. In addition, 20 drawings will be on display at Ayscoughfee Hall Museum, 5th to 16th October 2016. As part of this sharing, a selection is being put on a rotating display on this website, making them accessible to the world at large for personal interest and pleasure.

As a collection, the drawings concentrate on Stukeley's houses and gardens, telling the story of the impact he had on garden design.

Stukeley was a noted eighteenth century antiquarian, famous for his meticulous recording of Stonehenge and Avebury, studies that made him the "father" of British archaeology. He was a member of the Spalding Gentlemen's Society.

The ground plot of my garden, Barnhill, Stamford

The chimney piece in my bedchamber, Kentish Town

A view of the garden, yard, outhouses & orchard of Barnhill House, 1743

Mr. John Stukeley's house, Holbeach, my birthplace

Frances Stukeley, Stukeley's first wife

The front of my house at Grantham, 1726