Collection Spotlight

We will endeavour to refresh this page on a regular basis by putting in the spotlight one particular collection. This may be a formal grouping of items perhaps gifted to the Society by one person or family, or a grouping of items that merely go together such as our amazing selection of cameras, or coins. We hope you enjoy the taster that this spotlighting gives you and encourages you to visit us to see all the collections at first hand.

We would particularly draw your attention to the recent addition of The Stukeley Collection, access via this link:

  • The Stukeley Collection
  • Catalogue of the Chandler-Seaward Herbarium

    We have recently aquired a "herbarium" - a collection of pressed flowers - which were collected in the local area. This has been kindly donated by Mark Seward, who has given two lectures to the Society in the last few years. This is attached for your enjoyment.

  • SGS Herbarium Catalogue

    Donation of Coin Collection from Mr. R. Pease

    On 2nd December 2013 we were delighted to received, in person, a generous donation from Mr. Pease to our coin collection. For many years Mr. Pease worked as a gas engineer around the Spalding area, during the course of which he was often required to physically dig up areas in order for gas pipes to be laid or repaired. In so doing he often found coins and, having obtained the right permissions, so began a varied collection of his own. Mr. Pease has now kindly donated these coins in order that they be included within and adding another dimension to our own extensive collection, for which we extend to him our most grateful thanks.

    Amongst Mr. Pease's collection are several Victorian coins and various oddities including one minted in Constantinople. Most interesting however are coins covering the reigns of no less than seven Roman Emperors. What is fascinating is that so many coins from around the world had obviously been circulating within the Spalding area, possibly held by foreign merchants and traders, accidentally dropped and trodden into the soil where some have lain for 1500 years. Below is a photograph taken of Mr. Pease handing over his collection to our Hon. Curator of Coins and Tokens, Michael Snowdon.

  • Messrs. Snowdon and Pease